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Get the language training your company needs to thrive!

We offer 100% online English courses and workshops, specifically tailored for companies and focused on a variety of business skills.

Both our courses and workshops are completely customizable to each company's needs and goals, to develop the language competence of all staff.


Our lessons take a communicative approach, where students work on their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills through a wide-variety of dynamic and fun activities relevant to the business world.

If you live in Argentina

¡Somos UCAP!
Como Unidad Capacitadora, nuestros cursos y talleres pueden canalizarse a través del Régimen de Crédito Fiscal para Capacitación.

What makes us stand out?



All our courses and workshops have a maximum of 8 participants, to ensure learning optimization.

Working with small groups fosters more participation, personalized instruction and enhanced learning.


All our lessons are live

and held via Zoom, so your staff can study English from the comfort of their office.

We take advantage of the latest technological tools and virtual platforms to make our lessons dynamic and highly instructive.


Apart from the Business English textbooks that guide our instruction, we also provide a free booklet with exclusive sneak peeks from several

On Point workshops, to add more authentic material to our classes and enrich the overall learning experience.


As an official Training Unit in Argentina, our courses and workshops can be channeled through the Training Tax Credit System for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Learn more below!


At the end of each course there is a Performance Review, where participants receive feedback on their achievements and aspects to continue

working on.

The Performance Review is both written and oral, so that all skills are accounted for. 


For your company to meet its

language needs, we focus

on short-term goals.

Our regular courses are divided into semesters, (March to June and August to November), while our workshops last only one or two months, and they run every other month!

Take a look at our levels!

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