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General conversation

Conversation workshop in which we deal with four topics from 4 perspectives: a song, a clip from a series, a short story and a clip from a movie in relation to each topic.

Every session has a central communicative focus from which conversations, discussions and ideas emerge in a dynamic way. It’s an excellent workshop to practise speaking, listening, reading and to learn new vocabulary.

Agree to disagree

General conversation

With the help of triggers such as images and questions to discuss, negotiate and come to an agreement, in this workshop you will find yourself speaking nonstop! Every session will have a new central topic, but who knows where the conversations will take us?

You will learn specific expressions that will help you describe, support an opinion, ask a question and, of course, agree and/or disagree with someone. Apart from that, each topic presented will be an excellent excuse to learn tons of words in relation to it and put them into practice as we go through them during each session.

Breaking news

Reading and conversation

Every session deals with a specific topic through current news stories. We will work with newspaper articles and podcasts from the most important media worldwide (The Guardian, BBC News, New York Times, etc) to analyse not only the vocabulary presented but also the content in them. Then, we’ll do oral activities (Q&A, debates, role playing) to speak and use everything analysed before.

If you’d like to improve your fluency and oral production, this workshop is for you!

Business English: E-mails

Business writing

Do you ever feel your emails at work are not effective enough or that they don’t meet your expectations? In this workshop we’ll deal with the specific vocabulary and structures most commonly used in the business world.

We’ll work with formal and semi-formal register. You’ll gain confidence in your writing skills and will be able to perform a variety of communicative skills, such as greeting, introducing yourself, requesting information, providing information, apologising, complaining, congratulating, etc.

Business English: Job interviews

Oral production and fluency

Are you looking for a new job or wish to move abroad to study? Does it terrify you to have the interviews in English? Don't freak out! We can help you prepare for them, so that you feel more confident when it comes to talking about you, your background and your goals.

In this workshop you will learn how to ace job interviews in English! We will review typical interview questions, learn loads of key phrases and structures, and look at tips on how to handle difficult situations. And what's more important, you will have plenty of chances to practise speaking!

Business English: Meetings

Oral production and fluency

Conversation workshop where we will analyse and practise the most commonly used structures during work meetings. Are you not confident enough to actively participate in meeting at work? This workshop is just what you need!

In this workshop you will learn to give important information, explain figures and trends, negotiate, agree or disagree, make suggestions and analyse problems, among other communicative situations that are work-related.

Business English: Presentations

Oral production and fluency

Conversation workshop where we’ll analyse and practise the most commonly used structures during work presentations. Are you not confident enough to prepare and give presentations at work meetings or conferences? This workshop is just what you need!

In this workshop you will learn key expressions to deliver an effective presentation (introducing topics, presenting data and important information, presenting advantages and disadvantages, giving suggestions and explanations, making conclusions, etc.).

Chit chat

General conversation

Conversation workshop with a big objective: daring to speak! Did you study English many years ago but when you try to say something, nothing comes up? This workshop is for you! We’ll talk about anything… everything through various activities that encourage speaking and discussion.

As the conversations develop, many vocabulary and grammar doubts will appear, and we’ll tackle them with explanations and activities to revise them, always with the same aim: speaking!

Taboos & Issues


Every session will focus on a current topic which is considered “taboo” when speaking to strangers, such as: animal rights, racism, euthanasia, abortion, etc. We’ll learn specific vocabulary and typical collocations and revise different structures and functions in English (phrasal verbs, prepositional phrases, giving opinion, agreeing and disagreeing, etc).

To end each session, we’ll have a debate where you’ll put everything you’ve learned in practice. The aim is to develop your oral and fluency skills through a controversial exchange. Go for it!

Small talk

General conversation

Conversation workshop based on headlines and tweets.
The main goal in this workshop is to dare to speak. Have you studied English for years and still feel you don’t know enough? Have you recently started studying and feel you’re not fluent enough? This workshop is for you!

With a big variety of topics to discuss and activities which encourage the exchanges, we’ll always have something to talk about.
We’ll discuss current events which appear in newspapers, internet sites and tweets as triggers for conversation.

Video talk

General conversation

Learn English with these video-based activities!

In this workshop we watch different types of audiovisual material such as adverts, documentaries, movie trailers and interviews. In each session, we focus on the vocabulary used and train our listening skills. With "pre-watching activities" we can predict and work on what to expect from the video, with "while- watching activities" we can work on our comprehension skills and with "after-watching activities" we can engage in interesting discussions to analyse in detail the topics that came up in the video.

This is the perfect workshop for those who want some challenging material and are interested in improving their skills using the latest videos available online.

Get in tune

General conversation

Conversation and consolidation workshop for intermediate level.

It’s the best place to revise everything you’ve learned but still need to practise and use it in real situations. However, instead of having endless sentences to fill in with the best answers, we’ll listen to music. Yes! All the activities will be presented through songs (the classics and modern hits) and their lyrics. Every session will focus on a specific topic, and the challenge is to talk about it using the vocabulary and structures presented.

Game on

Structures and vocabulary consolidation

Structures and vocabulary consolidation workshop for pre-intermediate level.

It’s the best place to revise everything you’ve learned but still need to practise and use it in real conversations. However, instead of having endless sentences to fill in with the best answers, we’ll play games. Yes! All the activities will be presented through games (those you know, those which will surprise you) to take advantage of your competitive spirit and combine it with your wish to learn. Are you ready to ask questions, describe objects, compare situations and get excellent scores? Ready… set… go!

Press PLAY

General conversation

Conversation workshop based on episodes from different Netflix shows.

Every session will focus on an episode from different series (Black Mirror, Easy, Criminal, Love-Death-Robots) to discuss and learn tons of new expressions and vocabulary. If you're into series and love talking about them, you can't miss this workshop! It'll be the best way to finish the week! Just press PLAY and start talking!

Speaking for FIRST

Exam training

Oral production and conversation workshop to prepare for the “Speaking part” of Cambridge B2 First Certificate Exam. Are you not confident enough to stand out in this exam? This workshop is just what you need!

We will work with mock tests and lots of practice to make the most out of your oral skills (fluency, vocabulary, structures). We will focus on the four parts of this section: personal interview, pictures description and analysis, debate and conversation.

English on the go

Functional English

Learn very useful phrases and expressions to navigate several everyday situations!

Every session will focus on a specific situation (shopping, ordering at a restaurant, talking on the phone, making arrangements, etc), so you may practise your conversation skills, with easy and helpful phrases. Get ready to do lots of role-playing!

​This workshop is the perfect option to revise what you learned in the past in a fun and quick way, so you can then continue studying at a regular course (focused on grammar and others skills). English on the go is also great if you're about to travel abroad!

Effective listening

Listening comprehension

This workshop focuses on improving your listening comprehension. Every sessions provides you with tips and tons of practice to improve this skill. Do you fret taking part in a meeting with foreigners? Do you get frustrated when you don’t understand everything? Do you avoid situations where you feel your ears will fail you?

We’ll deal with all these matters and try to change that perspective through the analysis of typical situations and strategies to gain confidence.

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