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On Point Idiomas - Accents and Drama

Accents & Drama

Pronunciation workshop


General English




1 month

(8 h)


Rita Hostt


Pronunciation workshop based on the most typical English accents and its application in the world of acting. American (standard, southern, from NY, from the West Coast) and British (standard, Scottish, Irish). Would you like to lean to pronounce different accents in the English language to build unique characters? This workshop is for you!

Learn to spot and imitate the most popular American and British accents. We’ll work with specific sounds and intonation patterns that each accents has, you’ll get tips and lots of chances to put in practice everything you learn to create your characters.

Rita Hostt is an actress, singer, and teacher. She’s finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Acting at the National University of the Arts and has been working as an English teacher for the past four years. In 2015 she lived in Ireland and England, where she took acting classes and improved her language skills. Interested in accents from an early age, she has grown to master many and is looking to share the skill with bilingual teens and adults.

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